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  • About Chuangemi

    About Company Chuangmei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D, design and production of various latex gloves production lines, nitrile gloves production lines, PVC gloves production lines, condom machinery and equipment, diaper machinery and ...
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  • Chuangmei advantage

    Advantages of Chuangmei glove production line:  1) Fully automatic high-speed production line, equipped with automatic demoulding counting machine, can save 1/3 of the labor and greatly improve efficiency. 2) The mature dual-mode high-speed assembly line design has more ...
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  • Certificate

    About Company Company Honor ...
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  • FAQ

    What kind of glove production equipment do you supply? Can you make powder-free gloves? Nitrile gloves, latex gloves, PVC gloves and mixed gloves. It can be made with or without powder according to customer require...
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